tragic beauty

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 at 12:13 PM
-need I say more?-

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marilyn window
this one was her favourite, and I have to agree.
she just woke up and looks better than girls today.
girls who take precious time attempting to achieve this same look..
true beauty.

marilyn text
this would have been cool if he'd written facts about her throughout the whole picture and not just the beginning... but it's still pretty awesome.

marilyn loved words and she had plenty to say...



she also adored reading.

marilyn reading
marilyn reading while standing
marilyn reading on sofa

marilyn reading outside larger

beauty && brains. and did i say beauty? so much beauty...

marilyn sheets

* * *


and strength ;)

marilyn weights

* * *

such energy and light and fun and sparkles.
such awe, amazement, admiring fans.
such heartache and pain.


if only more people had really, truly cared.
greed is an ugly, ugly thing.

who knows..she could have been one of our mothers or grandmothers....

* * * * * * *

---listening to 'candle in the wind'---
lonely tears.


  1. PrettySiren Says:

    Love the Marilyn retrospect. She is a legend. My family still recounts hearing my great-grandmother announce "that pretty blonde girl is dead". It's just very sad. But yeah. She's totally a legend and still underestimated postmortem.

    Nice tribute!

  2. eden tyler Says:

    Thank you! She was amazing, that's for sure.

    The whole Michael Jackson tragedy made her pop up in my head again. The way their doctors treated them. Honestly, if these people cared about their patients more than their patients' money..

    How can you control someone by medicating them? What kind of person... It's beyond me..