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Thursday, July 2, 2009 at 5:30 PM
So, my child likes to color. What 4yr old doesn't? Well this one likes to color on walls. As I'm sure other 4yr olds do.
Hence, this blog post.

Last night, my boyfriend/sorta-husband/mate/whateveryouwannacallhim came in while said child was cleaning the brightly colored wall and in his hand was a bottle of something from the garage. I could smell it from fifteen feet away. Hesitantly, I *allowed* him to test it out on the wall. Oh. My. God! It worked like a frackin' miracle.
Now, the baking soda and ammonia mix I'd made worked really well also, but it doesn't even compare to this magical mechanic's elixir.

Liquid Wrench's Silicone Spray.

If you ever need to get anything off of your walls, be it crayon, dirt, food, whatever (I know because I proceeded to clean elsewhere with it), this is the stuff you should use. Without a doubt. Phenomenal. Did I already say masterful? Well, I'm saying it again. Try it. You won't believe it.

Maybe I'm coming across this discovery late, but for some reason I doubt most mom's bring in the silicone spray their mechanic-ish man uses in the garage on engine parts and such. I know I like to keep what belongs in the garage out there.

Anyway, no reason to make this post super long, but I do want to get across to you how superb this product is.

The only caveat---open every single window and door in your entire house. This stuff stinks to high heaven and will get you high, I'm sure. Or, if that's your thing, well then, keep the doors shut. Depends on how many brain cells you need to function in your daily life. I'd like to keep the ones that I have....

Buy some of this stuff. And use it. Seriously.
If a rockstar could morph into liquid form, this is what s/he would be.