my writing spaces

Sunday, July 12, 2009 at 9:57 PM
So I have an actual writing desk where I prop a pillow behind my back, pull out a drawer and put another pillow on that and then I lean back and put my legs up on the drawer. A blanket goes on my lap and my keyboard on that.
Once I get settled, I'm 1) comfortable, and 2) at the perfect angle to see my insanely outdated monitor (the computer's great, but I don't feel like shelling out for a monitor when mine works perfectly fine). It was a great setup and I even have a nice view behind me.
Some of my favourite books! Plus a TV for background noise. I love putting in old '80's movies and just typing away. I've seen the films so many dang times that I don't pay any attention. But it is nice to have the noise.
Well, I connected the internet to this desktop and it is just all sorts of slow now. Seriously Ridiculous. Thankfully, I received an HP Mini for my birthday. It's just too much fun. I do still like using this computer, and I print and edit on it, but I love having everything so compact.
Have you ever used a netbook?
If not, you should! Fabulous.
Needless to say, I spend most of my time on my mini and, of course, the internet is insanely faster on the tiny, new computer that has next to nothing on the hard drive as I use all external devices for storage.
So, now I spend most of my time in the living room. I can get as comfy as can be with my loveseat and ottomans. I have a sofa table (not in the picture) that's full of books and papers. As is the end table. Heck, the end table got so cluttered that I had to bring a tray table over next to it. Yep. Just shoved the sofa on down a little bit and made room for more writing junk. ;)
After the move--once I'm all settled--I'll post my new space...
I'm rather interested to see what I'll come up with.


  1. greedygrace Says:

    I spend all my computer time sitting on the couch with my laptop, too! It's been so long since I turned on my PC, I don't even know what's on it anymore!

    I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

  2. Eden, I love your pictures and your details about blankets and pillows and old movies. Thanks for sharing your writing spaces and for leaving a link on the blog. I'll look forward to seeing your new space too.

  3. Wish I had a nice laptop to curl up on the couch with. For now I'm stuck at my desk - but at least my chair is comfy! Over from SITS to welcome you aboard. You'll love being a part of it all! Have a great week.

  4. eden tyler Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

    My writing space is quite different today -- I'm in a tiny bed next to my sick kid. I'm not allowed to leave the room. Even the dogs are hanging out with us.
    So I'm propped up against a zillion pillows with a blanket to support the notebook. It's actually quite comfy. But I hate when my kid's sick =(