i try.

Monday, July 6, 2009 at 2:21 PM
i'm not sure why i started this particular blog.
i truly love it---it's quite different than my other one.
it doesn't receive as many views, but so fracking what...

it's hard to come up with stuff to say on two separate blogs, plus comment on followers of both and find other random blog posts i like. oh, and it's always nice to find time to work on a WiP every day. and of course, spend time with my family and make sure my house isn't a disaster by the time my guy gets home from work.

but somehow i do it. (probably because my brain never shuts up!) but not always well, especially over this past weekend. so i just wanted to come give this blog a little love and report that i think i'm going to hit my goal of 2,500 words today! it took just under an hour to get halfway there.the problem now is that i took a break because i was proud for writing so much and an hour later, i haven't gone back to my doc.
guess i'll finish this up and go there...

2,500 may not be a lot, but i'm not on a publisher's deadline or anything... if i was getting paid for this, i wouldn't be spending my time watching 'judge alex' and wandering around the house & the internet.
heck, last week i was only writing 250wrds/day. it sucked.
so i'm grateful that my kid is with my mom right now. she's having fun playing outside and spending time with nana, and i'm actually able to write. a rather decent amount, i believe...
so i'm off to do that.

but i'll leave ya with a quote i just came across. i rather like it. quite true.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Love the quote how true it is!

    Don't worry about followers--they'll come. It's hard to get started and I know I have days where I think okay it's been a week what should I blog?

    It sounds like your doing good! 2,500K! That's great I hope you reach your goal it's easy to stray away!

  2. eden tyler Says:

    thanks for stopping by, sara!

    yeah, i thought the quote was good :)
    i swear if i was totally sane i'd be a crappy writer lol

    i have followers on my other blog, but not so much this one, but i don't honestly care right now. in a month, i've already had over 1,000 page views between the two and over 100 visitors. so i figure that's not bad for an unpublished author who doesn't have that much to say at the moment.
    today, i just made myself write. anything. i think it's awesome that people take the time to read anything i write :D

    thanks! yeah, i wrote a good amount today. i'm really happy. i plan to write more tonight if i'm not too tired... we'll see.