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Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 9:40 AM
so i get a lot of views/comments on my other blog, but for some dang reason, the one post i spent the most time on last week (just because of what i had to do---not that i worked super hard on it or anything..) is about the only one no one commented on.

so, i'm gonna post it here and see if i get a different response.
if not, i might cry.
j/k. i don't cry



so, i found this on penny lane's blog.
i wasn't tagged to do it, but since i'm doing awesome with my writing at the moment, i don't want to jinx it by writing any of avalon or anything else on here..

these are the instructions::
"with as much creativity as you can muster, show your heart in:
a picture, a poem, a song (or piece of music), a phrase (or quote), an item of clothing, a place, and (just for fun) a Disney princess."

let's see what i can come up with...



this picture is from along came polly.
i instantly thought of her when i saw penny's pic from almost famous.
polly can never find her keys. i tried to find a picture from that scene where she finds them in the freezer with the key-finder thingy, but to no avail.
anyway, she's lived in her half-unpacked apartment for months now and is just as scatter-brained as can be.
but she's also sweet and loveable and lives her life with passion.
she's brutally honest and doesn't makes excuses for anything.
every time i watch this movie, i swear i'm watching myself -- except for the whole commitment thing. i have no problem whatsoever with commitment. i adore being in a serious relationship. i've hardly ever been single my entire life.
but yeah, this picture---this character---is a perfect depiction of me.
style and all...



There is a pretty girl
on the
of the magazine
all I can see
are my dirty
turning the page

i was going to choose a different poem, but it was entirely too personal to put online.
while looking through the same book of poetry, i came across this one, which has always resonated with me. everything jewel (kilcher) writes seems to touch me. i've loved her dearly for years and years.
this poem in particular just shows how i (and probably every other female in existence) feels. no matter how good i am at something, or how 'pretty' i think i might be a certain day, i still don't feel 'up to par.'
there are many different reasons for this. some external, but mostly internal...something i definitely need to work on!!


so, i just chose a short portion of a song.
it's actually rather lame as far as the writing goes, but it's sooo me it's ridiculous.
here it is:
"...i'm always, always, always, always late.
and my hair's a mess, even when it's straight"

see, told ya. lame. (it's ashlee simpson.) but it's beyond true.
i swear i'll be late to my own funeral.
eden time is whatever time it is plus ten to fifteen minutes, minimum..
and yeah---i have curly hair, but tend to straighten it.
doesn't matter cause i usually end up pulling it back; it just always gets ridiculously annoying.
my guy likes it curly, so it's even more fun pulled back like that :P
i actually have rather nice hair --- thick and full, so it's never 'technically' messy, but it always feels a mess to me. i can't stand it.
but, at the same time, it's me. so i love it. yeah, idk.... ;)


"The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.
-- Albert Einstein

i don't believe einstein needs any explanation....

*--*--*i have to run to target to buy the newest season of family guy and then to b&n to pick up a new copy of the princess bride. for some reason, i've never read the book. i'm going to read it for the once upon a time III reading challenge. then i'm heading to a friend's house to visit YAY!
so, i'll be back later and i'll finish the last three then =)*--*--*

k, i'm back !!

an item of clothing::

2009-06-16 22.32.08.

my man's dc hoodie.
most comfortable fracking thing in the entire world.
we both wear it constantly.
i love that it smells like him & he loves that it smells like me.
it's the best!!!
it makes me happy and it totally defines both my clothing style and my relationship. and the fact that comfort is more important to me than most other things.
if i'm comfortable, i'm content with who i am and what i'm doing at the moment. that's why i'm wearing it right now. i'm writing and wearing this---what could be better?!?!?? =)

***here's another fave item that i just had to add..***

2009-06-16 22.54.59.

love 'em! beyond comfortable.
and brown&&pink is one of the best color combinations in existence.
i'm rather big into color...

a place::

Prince Edward Island

i would be ridiculously happy if i could live in green gables with anne and matthew---except he'd still be alive.
the place is gorgeous!!
it'd be extremely conducive to writing and other such things i enjoy...
yeah...that'd be nice.....
i adore being alone, yet having the choice of enjoying the company of those i love whenever i want. and in this day and age, i could be isolated there with fabulous people, but still interact with others through the internet&&phone.
what could be more perfect? least for me.

a Disney princess::

i'm sorry, but i can't pick a princess.
i can pick a Disney character who is a girl, though.
i'm trying, but i can't find myself identifying with any of the princesses...
so, i have to choose:


i'm not totally in love with Disney's version of tink, although i do love her movie. it's quite fabulous!!!
i adore brian froud's version of tink.
i'm pretty sure i have a picture...


yes, this is the tinkerbell i would love to be.
if i could be anything in the world, it would be a faery.
i'm crazy obsessed with the entire fae realm and everything to do with faeries. loveitloveitloveit!!

---well, i suppose that's the end.
the original post was titled 'my heart' per the directions...

you better have read it.
i know where you live!! ;)
(joke. i've no clue where ya'll live)

xx -e*