how do you write??

Monday, June 22, 2009 at 12:10 PM
so i figure if i'm gonna do this blog, i should give it as much time and energy as my other two...
to get myself started, i stole a draft from (one i'd written, obviously..)

let's see what happens!

A few months ago, as we looked through her many shelves of literature, my aunt asked me if I’d ever thought of writing a book. Without hesitation, I answered, “No,” and that conversation ended there. For the time being….
I wrote a lot in college, short stories and essays, but never felt I had enough ‘creativity’ to bring an entire book to life, let alone have a decent idea in the first place. Obviously, I was way off mark.

Weeks later, a strange idea for a book popped into my head--completely out of the blue. I mused over it for a couple days. Realizing the story did nothing but grow as the time passed, I grabbed a blank journal and began scribbling away.

Starting with the rather boring title, Forgotten Fae, the book slowly grew into what is now The Abandoned Edge of Avalon. It’s been interesting to find that the details and scenes dictate themselves. The experience isn’t anything like I’d expected.

I’m not quite sure, but I suppose I thought I’d have to work on coming up with ideas. Not even close to the reality of writing—at least for me. I don’t use outlines. I simply sit at the keyboard and the words flow out of me. It’s as if I’m just the vessel for new life to come into being. And now, the characters breathe and move on their own.

Sometimes, I wonder why it took me so long to begin writing in the first place…. It’s difficult even to finish this first book, as I have ideas for at least three more in the works at the moment. Writing is the greatest gift I’ve ever received, and I’m thrilled to possess it. I still have a lot to learn, but it’s all sinking in quickly and I feel I’m getting better by the day. Quite a few people have helped me fine-tune my sentence structure early on (i.e. passiveness, head-hopping, tense changes), and now I’m able to catch most of these problems as I write.

Being a ‘mind’s eye’ writer, and not planning much of the story in advance (other than characters and a basic beginning and end), I’m curious to see how others write. Some have elaborate methods that, to me, would take the fun out of the process. But, hey, maybe they’re better at their craft than I am. Perhaps they enjoy the fruits of their labor even more because they put so much work into their stories. Who knows? I’d like to….

So, how do ya’ll write? Do you see the scene in your head, as I do, and just type what plays out? Do you outline chapters? Do you set deadlines for yourself? Do you try for a particular word count per day? I’m interested to learn other writers‘ routines. Another factor is research. I did a decent amount, as I had to for this particular book--I wanted the most ‘realistic’ fantasy possible, How do you guys prepare your setting and backstory? And even names? Do your characters names have particular meanings? Mine do. I feel it adds even more depth to that person.

I just wanted to share my personal style of writing and how it completely took me by surprise. I’d love to hear how many are like me. Or, of even more interest--who approaches this art in a completely different fashion. Looking forward to your feedback!


  1. Pen Pen Says:

    :) I like ur new blog!! -and I'm interested to know the type of fantasy ur writing!!
    I finished a first draft of a paranormal thriller(that's what agents call it- I call it a ghost story :). I have always written, and started many other novels, but would drop them when I felt they didn't really say what I felt my heart was trying to put across. I have high standards for a first novel I guess-I just wanted the first one to say something in case I never get another chance. I deals with some real life experiences-tragedies in my family that had always seemed unexplainable. I had a..."experience" a couple of years ago that shook me--I was raised strict Southern Baptist, so-when it happened-I didn't know what to say to people. I cam home one night while living with my parents(nope-I had not been drinking or anything else-and I was not sleepy), and I saw my mom's back as she walked into the living room. I was on the other side of the back door unlocking it. I followed her to her room - I was maybe 15 feet behind-saw her in a white nightgown. When I got into her room, she was fast asleep in bed and rolled up in the covers. I heard a noise in her bathroom- like a voice. I walked into there, and heard my own name. I scared the CRAP out of me!! I didn't tell anyone for a long time and tried to forget about it. Maybe it was an angel(that's what I'd like to think), or maybe I was hallucinating(never hallucinated before, but who knows-). I have no idea what happened, but I wrote the experience down and it became a first chapter. :)
    My characters went to New Orleans, and I was able to go there and research places. My parents are both from there, so my mom went with me--It was an AMAZING experience being there with her, and it's beyond helpful to not just know what ur setting looks like, but also what it smells like-or what the lighting is like and things like that. I did a lot of research that ties real things into a fiction story line(I think that 'The Da Vinci Code' did that well--tho the writing was horrible).
    I write my first draft completely out of my head- then go back and expand or change what needs to be changed. I didn't make an outline till recently cuz I wanted to check off what had been covered, and keep a reference guide for myself of what I needed to fix. I DID write out character historys tho- and I dress them according to their personalities. I also made their names have meaning. They all have a first and last name of someone real who displays different characteristics that character shows. EX: I have a female character named Tasha Bennett. Tasha- after Tasha Tudor- the childrens book author and artist who loved to garden and live a simple life. Bennett-After Elizabeth Bennett from 'Pride and Prejudice'-who is strong and a bit stubborn. I think any extra real life tidbits or ideas you can add to a novel to give it depth should be added! :)

  2. Pen Pen Says:

    ...sorry- I wrote a lot- I ramble some times :)

  3. eden tyler Says:

    nice!! i ramble, as well, so i love to see others do it.
    it's interesting how you write. your stories sound cool!!
    i'm using the name bennett, but because it's my late grandfather's middle name. but now i have another reason that i hadn't even thought about.
    my urban fantasy is about dark faeries right now. it was young adult, but it ended up being a big too dark, so i had to change it. up her age and tweak a few things..
    i love reading other people's work for whatever reason---critiques, pure enjoyment, edits, whatever...
    if you ever want an opinion on something, let me know. also, if you're interested in any of my work, i'll gladly send you some.
    i have a few pages of excerpts (plus some posts) on my other blog (

    see, i ramble too lol ;)

    thanks for stopping by---first visitor woohoo!!
    glad ya like the blog. it's a boring default theme atm, but it's cool enough for me for right now =)


    p.s. i think experiencing the place you're writing about is sooo important. i set my first novel in my hometown, albeit a different name, but it's still the same place in my head for the most part... keeping it simple to start out...