Friday, June 26, 2009 at 2:04 PM
i've posted three blogs on wordpress today and one on, but i haven't touched this site. so i suppose i'll pick an excerpt and post it.

along with my new book cover that bradley wind designed for me.

Alexis pretended nothing was wrong; like she had glanced behind her simply to see who was around. Turning back toward the pond, she took an invigorating breath, and pulled her knees to her chest. If she looked down and focused on her feet, maybe he wouldn’t sense her fear. At least, that’s what she hoped. She examined the smudge her flip-flops had made when she slipped them on with wet polish on her toes. Then, she ran her index finger over the smooth skin where her simple star tattoo was—near the little toe on her right foot.

Silently, Alexis was willing this guy to go away, but instead, she spoke.

“So where is everyone? Are we alone out here?”

“Yep. We’re alone. They all went in to watch home movies from the football games. Stuff’s pretty funny, actually.”

“Huh, well I was just about to get up and go watch a movie with some people. Are you gonna join us, or....” She really didn’t feel like inviting him, so she trailed off. He would get the hint.

“Nah, I’m just gonna stay out here for a bit and enjoy the view. Just like you’ve been doing.” Something in his tone implied he knew darned well that wasn’t all she’d been doing. She didn’t care, though. That was her cue to get away and figure it all out.


  1. AmberInGlass Says:

    Hey, Eden, I just found your blog through Wisdom to Wach out for and wanted to come by and say hello and invite you to come check out my blog as well.

    I really like this passage here, your sensory details are really vivid and the scene is a great hook. I bit it. I'll be around more in the future for sure.

  2. eden tyler Says:

    I'm glad you stopped by!!
    Thanks =)

    I'm off to check out your blog now.


  3. what a great little excerpt. silently willing him to go away. Hah!