first blog award!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 7:10 AM

* * *

So, as I've been slacking, I wasn't even aware until yesterday that I received this award 2 weeks ago!! I'm horrible.
But, as it stands, I guess I'm supposed to list 7 of my favorite things and then guide you to 7 of my favorite blogs. Here goes!!

7 Favorite Things::

* Family Guy. -- Yep. Love it. Adore it. Watch it all the time. It's become my new Seinfeld. Anything that occurs in my life can somehow go back to a Family Guy episode. I don't believe a day goes by where I don't reference it -- sometimes I'm by myself in a public place and start cracking up out of the blue. It's great!!

* the smell of freshly cut grass -- one of the best things ever!
I even bought the perfume Grass from The Gap...still have a teeny, tiny bit left in the 10+ year old bottle. Can't bring myself to use it all -- I just pick it up and smell it sometimes. Even a hellish, humid, summer day can be made better by walking past a neighbor's house while they're mowing their lawn. Mmmmm...

* writing -- lame answer, I know, but I can't leave it out. It's just that good.

* my kid's laugh -- greatest sound in the world. Just can't get enough!!

* music -- which I can't get out of my head at any given time. At the moment, after typing 'just can't get enough,' that's in my head. Not so wonderful, but it'll go away =) Music can get you through anything. Break-ups, happy times, mellow times, down days, etc... It's amazing what it can do for your mood. Phenomenal stuff, that music.

* lazy days -- days where I can just lie around and watch movies or marathons of fave shows. Days where I don't have to get ready unless I have to (which is admittedly almost every day, but I hardly ever get a real lazy day. Usually I'm running around doing a zillion things feeling like I'm getting nothing accomplished.) I'm sick right now, so maybe today will be a great, lazy, movie day. We'll see...

* my dogs -- they're the best. They're rock stars!! Nothing about them to not adore. I'm not sure what I'd do without them. How did I live before they were around? My fun, rambunctious girl and my sweet, lazy boy -- they have the best, distinct personalities ever. So great!!

All right, that's 7 favorite things. Now for 7 Favorite Blogs::

* I'm in love with the dark and beautiful The Wednesday Chronicles. Two writers who share a blog about all the things that don't belong anywhere else. It's awesome!

* What a Load a Scrap is my mom's blog that she shares with a friend of hers. May not appeal to many who read this, as it's a quilting blog, but I love it. I've just moved away from her again and it's nice to keep up on what she's doing. Whether you like (or even know anything about) quilts is of no consequence. It's pretty and interesting, anyway.

* A site I love to go to for either the great guest blogs, advice or original writing posted is Musings and Mullings. A great site with a talented author who is always around for feedback on others' work and blogs. Just a good site all-around!!

* Although Marnie Elizabeth hasn't been around for a month or so, her blog, Wisdom to Watch out For never fails to deliver (when she posts ;)). Go check it out and see all the interesting stuff she's written about. Awesome stuff! ...I hope she's all right--I've been wondering about her...

* Penny Lane's blog is just full of all sorts of fun. She's a writer but doesn't really write about writing. Just her life and all the crazy stuff that happens in her life or things she loves or just whatever. It's a good one to look at if you're a little down -- it'll cheer you right up!! =)

* I know I participate on this blog, so it's sort of cheating, but I'm not the creator and I only post once a week. All the girls at if you give a girl a pen... are spectacular and have wonderful insights and info to share. And sometimes it's just pure fun. A really great site that is gaining more and more members. We're soon going to have one of my favorite editors guest blog, along with published authors. Heck, we've already had published (or soon-to-be published) authors on the site. It's Sarah Jensen's baby and she's gathered a great group of women to bring the blog to new heights. I'm honored to be a part of it!!

* I don't believe it's cheating to nominate my nominator, as her blog truly is fabulous!! Emily J. Griffin's a heart on a wire touches on all aspects of writing and is just good, clean fun! Lots of info and interesting things combined makes it completely worthy of this award twice now. Love it!!

So, I guess that's it. These things take so long -- lots of thought required and it's too early to continue. Ran out of steam at just the right time. Going back to sleep now =)
Thanks, Emily!! I'm so excited about my first award =D